Frequently Asked Questions

General Account Questions

What is "Secret Code" for online bill pay account?
Why should I use a surge protector or battery backup?

Internet Questions

I don’t want to be tied to one room. Can I create a wireless network here?
Why can't I connect to the Internet?
I already have my own high-speed modem: can I use it?
Why am I experiencing very slow connection and download speeds?
What does the “account is locked” or “pop.lock is busy” error message mean?
Why can I load some Web pages but not others?
What can I do about all this Spam?
Why doesn't WNMC actively filter my internet access and email?
Can I connect more than one computer to the DSL?
What is the charge to move my DSL to a different house or office?
What is a firewall? Do I need one?
What special equipment do I need for DSL?
Why should I use virus protection software?
How can I keep my kids safe on the Internet?
Why is it important to do my updates?
What is adware and spyware, and how do I get rid of it?
Why does my computer keep asking me for my username and password?

Telephone Questions

If my electricity goes out, will my phone go out, too?